How can you make your small bathroom look spacious? Some people will recommend remodeling it to be bigger, but that can be both costly and inconvenient. If you don’t have the time or money to completely remodel your small Bathroom, try these seven ways to make it look more spacious instead.

1) Use Quality Flooring

Installing quality flooring in your bathroom can make a huge difference, particularly if you’re working with a small space. Flooring is often one of those overlooked areas when it comes to a remodel, but you’ll be surprised by how much a high-quality tile or natural wood floor can open up your bathroom and make it feel less cramped. If you choose rugs for your Bathroom, use light colors that coordinate with surrounding colors and décor so they don’t stand out too much.

2) Add Storage

Adding a cabinet underneath your Bathroom sink can help you make use of every last inch of space. Adding storage under your sink isn’t just for bathrooms with small counters—it’s a smart idea no matter what size Bathroom you have! Consider adding storage drawers, or even shelves, if you have room for them.

Adding storage, even if it’s as simple as a small cabinet under your bathroom sink, is one of the most valuable tips from Bathroom Remodeling in Waxhaw NC. Even just a few inches of extra space can help you save time and money by keeping everything in its place. Consider adding shelves above or below your medicine cabinet to make full use of every inch of your cabinets.

3) Replace Your Shower Curtain With Glass

Tired of being able to touch both walls of your shower at once? Replace your plastic shower curtain with a sheet of glass. Not only will it open up your Bathroom visually, but it will also increase light in an area that’s notorious for being dark and dingy. Be sure to keep the glass transparent, so you still feel like you’re in a real shower and not just a bathtub.

Keep in mind that transparent glass can add about $500-$1,000 to your Bathroom remodel costs. Use frosted glass instead if you want a more affordable option that still offers a clean and clear look. Consider adding one-way vision, which allows people outside of your shower to see inside while also protecting your privacy when you’re in there.

4) Paint Your Walls And Trim Work With Light Colors

Using light colors on your walls and trim work can help make a room appear larger than it is. In contrast, dark colors tend to push a room closer together. Dark colors also have a tendency to absorb heat, which makes small spaces seem even warmer and more claustrophobic. Using light colors in your Bathroom can be especially helpful if you’re planning on painting large sections of one color rather than having a variety of different color wallpapers or paint strips.

5) Take Advantage Of Natural Light

One of the most important design features of any Bathroom is natural light. A Bathroom with plenty of windows makes you feel more at ease and will give your house an airy, expansive feel. Natural light also helps eliminate shadows, which can make a small room look even smaller than it is. Consider investing in skylights or adding mirrors on opposing walls—these tricks help bounce light into your space and make it look much larger than it is.

6) Install A Large Mirror

A mirror makes a small room feel larger because it reflects light, brightening up dark corners. Keep in mind that mirrors have a magnifying effect, so be sure to choose one that’s wide enough for your space. To maximize its impact on visual perception, place a full-length mirror directly across from your Bathroom sink or vanity. It will reflect more light and create more of an optical illusion than a standard-sized Bathroom mirror would.

7) Choose An Elegant, Matching Tub/Shower Combo

If your bathroom has limited space, you must choose a tub/shower combo that doesn’t compromise on style. The shower and bathtub should be designed to appear as one piece—and your new tub/shower must complement your existing décor. An elegant Bathroom will impress guests and look more spacious than one with a standard tub/shower combo.


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